It aims to promote its logistics expertise. Consider what will be most impressive to the types of sponsors you want to target. After a successful 2022 in club, Thor Tulloh is looking for sponsorship for the Prototype Cup 2023 Thor Tulloh Prototype Cup 2023: Karting since 2018, and racing in the 750 Motorclub Locost Championship in 2022. A panel of sponsorship executives and marketers explain how they calculate return on investment, ROI, (if they do) and why they sponsor. This all comes down to value. Then, when it comes time to talk about renewal, youll have clear evidence of how youve helped them hit goals and milestones. 4. The more relationships you can build in your chosen niche, the more people youll have to approach for sponsorship or introductions. Plan B - sponsorship gives product discounts to participants, which will be discussed upon sponsorship approval. However, if a company is already willing to sponsor one race car, are they willing to sponsor more? Good . Formula Woman, Jamie Davis is competing in the Junior World Championships in the Moto2 and is seeking sponsorship ahead of his step up to the Triumph and collaboration with MotoGP team The organisation Jamie Davis races with as of now is the junior world championships, one, Marcus Gilbert is seeking sponsorship for his Brisca F2 Stock car and will advertise your company across their race car in front of fans all around the country I, Marcus Gilbert, am writing to you in order to ask for sponsorship for my hobby,, NASCAR Driver Isaac Raine from Derbyshire is seeking sponsorship for his journey to the Legends UK series in 2023 Im Isaac Raine, and I am a 21-year-old aspiring NASCAR racing driver from Melbourne, Derbyshire. Then, Dave Cole, Series Director of KOH explains how the difficult terrain is both a testing and proving grounds for auto aftermarket manufacturers, and Julian Gill, Eibach's CEO, will explain from the company's perspective what the team offered that had enough ROI for the brand to fully support the program after only one year. With all this information, it should be easy to write a pitch that really speaks to the business and its goals. Technical/Official Supplier partnerships enable OEMs, fuel, technology, and apparel brands to showcase their latest innovations, building credibility and awareness among an enthusiastic, global audience. Maybe you race at another track and can help bring their product/service more exposure. If you feel that you have what it takes to promote CG Motorsport products, we would like to hear from you. Create a two-way relationship with your audience. If you have a finger on the pulse of the businesses in your area, you should know when something new is opening. Esports is another new frontier, with motorsport perhaps unique in its position where aspiring drivers can kick-start their careers behind a console before they jump behind the wheel. Retail stores want foot traffic. Podcast 040: How to go Above and Beyond for Sponsors, Podcast 015: Sim Racing as a Sponsorship Tool. They might be worth a proposal the next time. With Tax Day (April 18th) fast approaching, the Consumer Financial Services category-which encompasses accounting firms and online tax services like H&R Block and TurboTax-is top of mind for many Americans. Covid accelerated the shift online. Competing in this challenge, Ian and the Dugganite team will be unveiling their new Ginetta G56. Finishing 9th in the British School Karting Championship,, Young aspiring racing driver Aston Lewis seeks sponsorship to help support him to the next step in his racing career Hello, My name is Aston Lewis. Just sponsorship costs - no additional fees. In fact, all the hard work of renewing a sponsorship deal is done during the race season when youre carrying out your work. In this article youll learn how to establish yourself in a way that makes you stand out over other racing drivers, the basics of sponsorship in motorsport, what works and what doesnt, the kind of research you need to do before you pitch for racing sponsorship, how to build relationships with potential sponsors, how to send a pitch email, and how to get your sponsors to renew. 2014-2023 Sponsoo GmbH | made with in Hamburg. Focus on the businesss goals rather than your life story. Matthew Harrington is looking for sponsorship for the 2023 Formula Vee British Championship 2023 Formula Vee British Championship Have your company representing a new face and a promising face in motorsport allowing for alot of attention and exposure. Create a clear list of features and benefits that you can pick and choose from. Offering hospitality and a TV audience isnt enough. There is a reason they made that investment. No matter what you do, try and bring consistency into all elements of this process. Many partnerships begin as a season-long deal and grow into much longer associations, although the range of properties and rights available mean that major changes to sponsorship deals and team liveries happen every season. Sponsorship is a business deal between you and a company you are not a charity and a company will not give you free money. F1 has stayed away from gaming company sponsors for more than 4 decades but that is beginning to change. Advertisement. Motorsport sponsorship has changed over the years and this guide will show you exactly what you need to do to find success. I ride a 85SW Husqvarna Motocross Bike and I have been riding for around 4 years. Caterham 310R Racing Championship Introducing the driver: Taylor OFlanagan Hello, Im Taylor! This one is pretty simple mathematics. Sponsors will need a clear return on investment (ROI) and that does not come by putting a sticker on a car. Sponsoring a motor sports team provides a great way to showcase your brand to a certain demographic or niche audience, with a wide variety of options in the marketplace drivers, teams, events there is a huge array to choose from. Charlie Moss Racing is a small, self-funded team from Ashford, Kent/Portsmouth looking for potential sponsorship for the 2023 season to help take us through to our next stage in competition. At Sponsor Seeker, we are passionate about great sponsorship, whether you are searching for a new sponsor for your team, or a brand looking for the right opportunity to align your name to, we can help. Many race teams are sponsored by the driver's, crew's, or owner's place of business. Sponsor Ian Duggan and the Dugganite Racing Team. The 2023 British GT Championship Calendar features seven double-header weekends at some of the UKs premium circuits. You may be aware, F1 in Schools is, Alex Walker searches for sponsors to help with his racing. GT4 Super CupChampionship WinnerRead more here, British GT Cup(Ian Duggan and driver James Townsend)Read more here. Here are our top ten types of companies you should ask to sponsor your race team. First consider, what you can do for them, rather than what they can do for you. One of the biggest challenges in finding sponsorship is asking the right people. If you cant think of anything to say or ask, consider whether the prospect is right for you. The bar business is tough. He is the only one privateer in the last year, Emax Motorsport are looking for sponsorship for the 2023 C1 Racing Club season Emax Motorsport have been competing as front running racers since the inception of C1 racing back in 2017. With packages starting at 5,000 15,000 to 50,000, we offer exciting and unique motorsport sponsorship opportunities and motorsport sponsorship packages all of which can be specifically, tailored to you, your company and your objectives. One company at the forefront of the new wave of motorsports sponsorships -- in series like Formula 1, NASCAR, IndyCar, NHRA, IMSA, and others -- is Sport Dimensions and its founder, Ron Schneider. Dan Schechner, Editor of PRIMagazine and Marty Fiolka, writer for RACER Magazine explain how they select content and stories to write about, and what you can do to increase your odds of getting published. Make sure you get the details for the decision-maker. Upload Photo of Vehicle/Team/etc: Upload Photo of Vehicle/Team/etc: Website. So long as you show them the extra investment in racing can be worth it, they might be willing to help. Lucas Romanek Racing After a successful Formula Ford season in 2022, winning the national BRSCC tourist cup, along with wins at Silverstone, Brands hatch, Anglesey, Knockhill & Snetterton, I will. Sponsors Corporates Agencies Partners Brands Sponsoo connects sponsors with thousands of athletes and clubs of more than 300 different sports. There is no doubt that the BTCC has traditionally offered a unique opportunity for sponsors, packaging exciting brand values with a loyal, passionate and nationwide fan base, both trackside and via its ever-increasing live terrestrial television coverage. Charlie Knight is looking for sponsorship as they progress to Brisca F2 Stockcar Racing. Nike and Gatorade are two humongous brands that often lean on athletes for endorsements and partnerships. Feel free to drop Racing Mentor a message on social media if you have any questions. is #1 way to get motocross sponsors. He moved to motorsport UK karting at age 9 competing in the Ultimate Karting Championship and, Tyler Myers-Walters is looking for sponsorship to support the funding of his motorsport interest. Its so much easier to close a sale with someone youve already built a rapport with. the same holdings company that owns Gainbridge. Personal contacts, B2B (business to business) deals, opportunities, media exposure, corporate events, an exciting experience consider how you can turn this into a business partnership. Podcast 043: How to find and understand sponsor goals, Podcast 026: How to Tell if a Sponsor has Budget to Work With You, Podcast 009: How to Craft a Winning Subject Line. Once youve got an idea of this, think about the features youll offer to help a business reach its goals. The red, white, and blue car design will feature JHG on the hood of . Enjoy hospitality with friends and family, entertain key clients and experience unforgettable track days with Pro driver instruction from some of the best drivers on the motorsport circuits. You need to think about why a business would spend money to sponsor you. Assess whether what you can offer will help them reach their goals in a broad sense. Charlie Knight can offer the sponsor company branding on the car and travelling up and down the UK monthly with YouTube publicity and on social media. What better way to differentiate your company from the competition. Did you know a recent study showed 72% of motorsports enthusiasts showed loyalty to a brand/company? Look for opportunities to get introductions from others, show your value, and build your connections in a meaningful way. They are typically documents with few or no images. Building relationships is an often-overlooked part of the sponsorship process because so many drivers are eager to move things along too quickly. Search below and if you cant find the best fit for your needs, just Contact Uswith your requirements and our team can seek out the best partnership for you. This means its a time of change from a partnership perspective too. Paying for a sponsorship is only half of the marketing equation. Getting sponsorship in motorsport requires dedication but a lot of drivers are still doing the same things that once worked and now dont. But I wouldnt rely on these to fund your racing career, there are better ways to find sponsorship. Freddy Oakley is a Derbyshire based rider who has a passion for racing motorbikes. Take a look at this blog post for an updated list. We, Lewis Sumner is a young racing driver who is look for sponsors to help his driving career. Have you seen a pet care business on someone's race car and wondered, 'what does that have to do with racing?' Some tips and trick about getting sponsorship in Motorspo. Since its start in 2019, MPM has, Branding space available for World Snooker/ Tour Golf / Motor Racing and Football dont miss your opportunity to be seen by millions across the world on the biggest sporting stages I represent a number of players/ athletes in different world class arenas of Sport, GB Quality Imports LTD seeks sponsorship to assist with the import of high quality electric vehicles into the UK and advertising / marketing of these goods within motorsports industry. Check out our sponsorship companies list, a curated collection of companies looking to sponsor creators of all kinds. Most professionals now train and many compete in simulators. AAM Racing has a passion for racing, combined with their love of competition and, One of few female motorsport drifters, Vikki Weaver-Lynch seeks sponsorship to enable her to compete in her passion of motorsport. I'd be happy to discuss how we can help you stay ahead. You don't have to start big. So, a little bit about me well,, Maple Motorsport are a UK based Kart Team and they are now looking for sponsorship to support them. You cannot negotiate a sponsorship with yourself. Tangible assets are logos on the car, screen time, TV time, magazine coverage, publicity, articles, media mentions, tickets, hospitality, etc. If it's a new restaurant or a store, let the owner know how much you can help spread the word. You also realize that you have to be in tune with every nuance of its performance; and you need a crew that's as solid and precisely synchronized as your car. Offer to show off your race car at the grand opening, or on a day they would like to drive some extra business. Feel free to connect with me on here or at Your personal brand is the thing that your fans will get behind but its also the thing that will show how you stand out over other drivers too. In the same way, youd be working hard on the track and looking for consistency from lap to lap, this applies to your approach to sponsorship for motorsport too. Modern-day motorsport sponsorship is all about standing out. You dont have to be in F1 to be sponsored think local and use your network of contacts. Clutch Specialists reserve the right to stop any sponsorship programme at any given time throughout the sponsorship year. I would highly recommend C G Clutch Specialists for any of your road or race applications"Leon WightmanMini Se7en Racer, "Id like to take the time to thank everyone at CG Motorsport for the fantastic support. An elevator pitch is a 30 second speech that you could give to anyone to sell yourself. Light weight, strong and agile, the G56 is one of the most successful GT5 cars ever made. Sponsor a podcast that discusses movies and the drinking games that should accompany them. In exchange anyone who donates gets their name on the car for the event. For more information, or to discuss commercial opportunities, please contact our Head of Commercial Partnerships Martin Fallon on DHL Express- DHL is a logistics company that has a wide range of sponsorship portfolio ranging from motor sports, business, lifestyle to fashion. Ducati Moto GP motorcycling outfit to be known as Ducati Lenovo Team from 2021 season Pair vows to collaborate on implementing virtual desktop infrastructure for Ducati, Following todays announcement by government of their support package for sports impacted by the loss of spectator revenues, Motorsport UK can confirm that a loan fund of 6 Million is to be made available to the principal circuit venue operators in England. Do your research and tailor your proposal. To maintain (and enhance!) Besides just providing sugary beverages to the masses, Pepsi has made itself an integral part of the sports world by sponsoring major-league games in a variety of sports. You will see sponsorship on all types of cars, race wear and helmets from a WRC team, a high level professional national championship, to a family run privateer team in a junior formula or an Autotest champion. About Sponsoo Athletes - Teams and Clubs - Associations - Sports events - Sponsors - 9,2M Club members 288,2M As part of the sponsorship package we will be providing track day support and hospitality for you and your guests. The record-setting quarter comes on the heels of a record year in 2020 (despite the pandemic) and three straight years of at least $100 billion in venture funding. Using motorsports sponsorship will give you a decided edge over your competition. Sponsorships and activations within Consumer Financial Services are on the rise up 25% YoY in the number of brands . Oops! And with races taking place on every continent, in every time zone, and TV coverage spanning full weekends at times, the potential to reach millions of fans is clear. No, you don't want to go to the Green Bay Packers, Boston Red Sox, or Indiana Pacers asking for money. Garrett Sponsorship. Vikki Weaver-Lynch is a female Motorsport enthusiast based in the West Midlands, UK entering into the world of Drifting and is almost ready for, Ducati MotoGP three-year sponsorship deal introduces technology company Lenovo to take over naming rights from Mission Winnow. Articles in popular magazines target very specific audiences, and that's exactly what sponsors want. James Reilly is looking for sponsorship towards his Motorsport racing. Sponsors can search our portfolio and identify the ideal sponsorship targets. or 'What does it mean to post natively?' It isn't rare to see a minor league baseball or hockey team lending their colors to a race car. Team Matt Gardiner MX are a up and coming team, supporting the youth riders of our future putting back into the sport. Thomas Knox has been karting since the age of 8 and in 2022, in his 1st year of competitive, Freddy Hewitt is looking for sponsorship as he plans to race in the Mini Challenge Clubsport Championship. Some racers have found an interesting way to get together some extra cash, either for the whole season or a big event. They can be colorful with lots of photos. If it's a new service company (i.e. Dont let imposter syndrome get the best of you. Try reframing any negative thoughts into something more positive. The most dominant champion in the history of the GT5 AM, Winner of the Ginetta GT5 and GT4 Super Cup Championships, Ian, from Hockley, Essex, has enjoyed a rapid rise through the ranks since making his race debut in a G40 in 2018. Intangibles are priceless. It wasn't until later in 2020 that Aston Martin began shifting back into the Formula One space properly. I have been racing motorbikes since I was 4, Travis Dumper is looking for sponsorship to follow his dreams. Some features will have numerous benefits. Proposals close deals and propose official business relationships with specific deliverables at an agreed upon price. If you see your local sports team doing things outside of the box when it comes to advertising, let them know how your race team could help them sell some tickets. Decks are used to get attention. Look for opportunities to get introductions from others, show your value, and build your connections in a meaningful way. Some are willing to listen to your proposal; some won't return a phone call. Try and see the positive in every situation. Sponsor Racecars Locally, Regionally, Nationally & Internationally Welcome to As a racecar driver, you know the importance of having a car that's mechanically perfect. Here you will find Motorsport UK Academys Top Tips for funding your future. We're not advocating that you try to steal someone else's sponsor. If you haven't asked, you could be missing a major opportunity. Chris and Rob are two brothers that Race Mini Sidecars in the FAB racing championship. One of the fastest and most exciting AM drivers. Bentley Lovegrove-Fowler (JPB Racing) is looking for sponsorship to support his passion of karting as he moves onto racing cars. You never know, something like this could attract a bigger fish in the future. But these features dont work alone. Youll get rejections, and youll hit bumps in the road but if you put in the time, the successes will come. We are looking for sponsorship for 2 cars a IMCA HOBBYSTOCK and or a IMCA sports compact car our goal is to earn $5,500 so $2,250 for each car and we would like to do a 3to5 year deal for total amountMore >> Sponsoo connects sponsors with thousands of athletes and clubs of more than 300 different sports. plumber, electrician) offer them a chance to come see you at the track. The UK governing, Copyright SponsorSeeker 2022. Katie Turner is looking for sponsorship towards her motorsport racing. Get sponsored by motocross companies by using which offers mx riders a free membership to build resumes and instantly submit it to sponsoring motocross companies. I have spent the last few years racing on, Simon Adams & Team T3S Racing are seeking sponsorship for his race to the National Superstock Championship In 2019 Simon from Team T3S Racing intended to compete in his first year of racing, but the pandemic hit before the session commenced putting a hold, 16 year old Cayman Chohan is seeking sponsorship to allow him to carry on with his passion of motorsport My name is Cayman Chohan and for me, racing is rather more than a sport, but a way to convey my passion, emotion and true, James Wareing Racing is seeking sponsorship to help fund his karting career as he will be competing in the X-Kart Junior Kart Championship and many more My name is James Wareing. However recent years have seen disruption in the category, with Formula E, the Jaguar I-Pace trophy and the W Series trying to wrest fans from established giants like F1 and MotoGP. Online events exploded in popularity during the quarantine creating advantages for those who were early adopters. - posted in Racing Comments Archive: The ECs announcement today that the tobacco ban may be accelerated from 2006 to 2004 made me wonder what the teams so heavily relying on fag money will do when that source dries up. James Morris I am an Autistic motorcycle racer whom is looking to make my debut season in one of the most prestigious and. And it makes sensethese are products that are regularly used by athletes at even the highest levels. Be sure to respect that. They have emerged as winners in virtually every discipline they have competed in, including British GT, International 24HR Series, International GT Open, Ginetta and Ginetta Supercup. K2K was, Lucas Romanek is looking for sponsorship for his racing in the upcoming competitions. Not only are you competing against other racing drivers but also against all other marketing activities. Delaware Life will be the primary sponsorship of the number 28 Indycar of Romain Grosjean at Barber Motorsports Park . This particular tip comes with a caveatyou may not get much money from a local bar. If a company is doing well enough to advertise on a billboard, they certainly should be able to afford a race car. Our expertise lie in matching the aims and objectives of a potential sponsor to the perfect opportunity in the marketplace. This button displays the currently selected search type. Collect evidence throughout the race season testimonials, statistics, etc. Any presentation should highlight the potential ROIs, and how mutual brands can be aligned. You dont necessarily have to build a huge audience for sponsors to want to work with you but youll need some kind of presence that showcases who you are. How a company calculates ROI will determine if sponsoring you has value to them and whether they renew or find other ways to spend their marketing budget the following year. How to get sponsorship in Motorsport and what are Sponsors looking for when handing out their cash. Whatever your niche is, theres probably a story behind it and this is something you need to start pushing in the press. Long time partners like Weapon-R, PLX Devices, JNC Wheels,, VerticalDoors Inc, Patterson Performance and newer partners like Action Clutch Inc,, EZLip, Speedzone and over 150 other great brands are standing by to offer you sponsorships. So, research is needed on what the prospect company is striving to achieve. Sponsorship is assistance, it can be financial or non-financial assistance. Once you have a sponsor look after them and build a relationship, Use legal and financial advice you should also seek financial advice before receiving sponsorship money as this should be declared and an accountant can help you to do this properly. Maybe a pet daycare service? My name is Martyn Webster and Im the Team Owner of UK based endurance kart race team Maple Motorsport. James Reilly is a 17 year old endurance racing driver from Canterbury, Kent and he is currently the youngest European to start a 24hr motor race at Silverstone. There are sponsorship opportunities in all disciplines, at all levels of the sport and can assist you to continue in Motorsport. Get involved in relevant discussions around motorsport and your niche. Theres hard work involved but the secret is consistency, especially once youre all set up and in the swing of things. Another element of finding and securing sponsors is building a strong network. This lead Ian to the AM class title and his second Ginetta Championship victory in three years. Sponsor Seeker brings together the best Motor Sport Sponsorship opportunities in the marketplace. I a study engineering, and I am in my first year, Thomas Knox is seeking sponsorship assistance to allow him to compete at a national level in the Rotax Junior Max championships in 2023 and beyond. It's always a great experience with the team at CarSponsors April 9, 2023 It's always a great experience with the team at CarSponsors, Thank you. You may think that your work is done once the race season starts, but, in fact, that may be the best time to be lining up sponsors. So in our fictional sponsorship deal, you, the owner . This is so important because you can meet a sponsor anywhere and you need to be ready to impress. It's so much easier to close a sale with someone you've already built a rapport with. He has been the BTCC champion in 2001 and 2010 and currently holds the record for the most overall race wins in the competition's history. why did jasmine richardson kill her family, spark plug cross reference champion,